List for the maternity hospital: what to prepare?


Things for mom

You will need a lot of things in the maternity hospital, so collect everything you need by purchasing the missing items.

     • Robe, nightgown - choose them according to the season so that you are not cold or, conversely, hot.

     • Washable slippers - these shoes are supposed to be worn in the maternity hospital (they are the most hygienic).

     • Warm socks if you are going to give birth in the fall, winter or early spring, when your feet may freeze even in a heated room.

     • Several sets of replacement underwear, as well as several disposable cotton panties, which will be useful after childbirth.

     • A special bra for nursing mothers is also worth taking - you will definitely appreciate its convenience.

     • Bed linen set – sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover. If you wish, you can not take them, but it is unlikely that you will be pleased to sleep on a hospital bed, so it is better to bring your own.

Hygiene products

     • Solid or liquid soap to wash your hands, shampoo, balm, shower gel. Buy special small packages that do not take up much space in your bag. Don't forget to take a washcloth.

     • Two towels – the first is larger (for bathing), and the second is smaller (for washing).

     • Pack of dry and wet wipes to wipe your hands. It’s worth getting some wipes for intimate hygiene.

     • A roll of toilet paper and paper towels, which will definitely come in handy.

     • Toothpaste, brush.

     • Sanitary pads, as well as special nipple pads, which must be placed in the bra.

     • Moisturizing cream for face, hands and against cracks that form on the nipples during breastfeeding.

     • A comb, a mirror, a small folding hair dryer, and also hairpins or elastic bands - in the maternity hospital it is advisable to wear pinned or braided hair so that it is less tangled and does not interfere.

     • Bags for garbage and dirty laundry.

Things for the baby

Having prepared your things, collect everything that the baby will need while he is in the maternity hospital, as well as everything necessary for discharge.
Baby clothes

Don't pack a lot of things for your newborn, as most of them won't be needed. It is enough to take:

     • 3–4 pcs. vest, rompers, bodysuits, men;

     • 2–3 hats with ties;

     • 3–4 pairs of socks and scratches on the handles;

     • a set of elegant clothes for discharge, a blanket, a beautiful envelope;

     • a set of children's bedding.

Choose clothes according to the season - in the warm season, take light, summer clothes made of chintz or thin cotton, and for the cold season, insulated flannel sets are suitable.
Baby hygiene products

     • Packing diapers - take the smallest size that corresponds to the weight of the newborn (2-5 kg).

     • Disposable diapers – 2 pcs. for each day of stay in the maternity hospital.

     • Liquid baby soap for washing the baby, bar soap for washing diapers and linen.

     • Large package of baby wipes for hygiene procedures.

     • Baby moisturizer to lubricate baby's delicate skin after washing from diaper rash or irritation.

     • A bottle for formula milk - it is advisable to take it with you just in case, even if you plan to breastfeed your baby.

What else should I take to the maternity hospital?

In addition to the above, you will need to grab some more things.

     • Thermometer – it can be useful not only for the baby, but also for you.

     • A couple of bottles of still mineral water, tea bags, sugar.

     • A set of dishes - a plate, a mug, a spoon, a fork, a small boiler or an electric kettle.

     • Medicines prescribed by a doctor.

     • A package of required documents - passport, exchange card, ultrasound images, insurance (if any).

     • Money – decide exactly how much to take, based on your needs and the requests of the maternity hospital.

     • MP3 player, interesting book, tablet or laptop, so as not to get bored and spend time usefully before giving birth.

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