How to wash children's clothes?


The baby's body is very vulnerable to bacteria and microorganisms, so his things must be kept clean. There are certain washing rules that mothers should follow to protect their baby.
How often should I wash baby clothes?

You need to wash your baby's clothes as soon as they get dirty. If a child wets himself or gets dirty with milk, you need to change his clothes, sending his dirty undershirts and rompers to the wash. Unstained underwear should also not be worn for a long time. It is advisable to put on clean clothes for your baby every day.

If you don't know how to wash baby clothes in the hospital and after the baby is born, then the following tips will help you.

Washing rules

     Send dirty diapers, undershirts, and bodysuits to the wash immediately, without waiting for the dirt to dry and become embedded in the fabric.
     Wash your baby's clothes separately from adults' clothes, do not mix them, so that there is no exchange of germs.
     Never use regular powder. Buy a special baby powder that contains a minimum of harmful chemicals.
     It is preferable to treat a baby's underwear up to three months with household or regular baby soap and only after reaching three months of age switch to a special powder. The fact is that a newborn’s skin is very delicate, so even a safe powder can cause irritation.
     Can be washed in a washing machine or by hand. If you prefer the manual method, purchase a separate basin. The good thing about the machine method is that things are washed at a higher temperature, so more bacteria are killed.
     Do not use bleaches or stain removers to remove stains. They contain chlorine, which can cause allergies. Do not add unnecessary chemicals to remove difficult stains; it is better to let them remain on the fabric. They will not harm the baby.
     If your laundry is heavily soiled, rinse it off with cold water before putting it in the machine.
     Rinse items very thoroughly, changing the water each time to remove any remaining detergent. When using a washing machine, be sure to set the additional rinse mode.
     After drying, iron the item with a hot iron on both sides to kill any remaining germs. Diapers should be ironed at a high temperature, since they come into direct contact with the baby's skin.
     Wash all new outfits before putting them on your child.
     Products made of delicate fabrics that are afraid of hot water can be steam treated using a steam generator. To avoid spoiling the item, pay attention to the tag. It contains information on caring for this type of fabric.

The baby's clothes must be kept clean, but you should not strive for complete sterility. For your immune system to function properly, your child needs to be exposed to a small number of germs. They will not harm his health, but will help develop immunity.

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