How to swaddle a baby?


Young mothers often ask: is it necessary to swaddle a newborn baby? Previously, such a question did not arise at all, since everyone did it. Today the attitude towards swaddling is quite loyal. Many refuse it, preferring from the first days of life to dress an infant in rompers and undershirts. However, supporters of traditional swaddling are interested in how to do it correctly so that the baby is comfortable?
How to properly swaddle a baby?

Previously, the baby was wrapped very tightly, like a “soldier” - straightening and fixing the limbs. We did this so that the legs were straight. Modern pediatricians are against this method, considering it not physiological. The unnatural position of the limbs interferes with the normal development of the newborn. Therefore, doctors recommend loose swaddling, which allows the baby to move his arms and legs.

In the maternity hospital, women in labor are shown how to properly swaddle a baby without or with a diaper. Having learned this, you can beautifully wrap your baby in a blanket when he is discharged.
How to quickly swaddle a baby: photo instructions

     Take a clean diaper, approximately 120 x 90 cm in size. Lay it out on the baby's changing table or bed. Be sure to fold the top edge inward as shown in the picture.
     Place the baby on the diaper. Its upper edge should be at neck level.
     Press the baby's left arm to the body, take the left corner of the diaper and wrap it around the body, bringing it behind the back. Repeat the same with your right hand and right corner. To prevent the baby from pulling out his hands, press them tightly, but at the same time leave the opportunity to move them.
     Cover the legs with the bottom edge of the diaper. Bring one end back, wrap it around your buttocks and straighten it. Repeat the same with the other end. Fold the corner, securing the fabric so that it does not unravel.

A baby over a month old can be swaddled without arms to provide him with greater freedom of movement.
Useful tips

     These methods are convenient for wrapping your baby before going outside. When going for a walk in the summer, it is enough to wrap your newborn in 2 diapers. In winter, you can just swaddle it in a rectangular blanket or use a warm envelope.
     At night, you can leave your legs free, fixing only the child’s arms so that he doesn’t swing them in his sleep and wake himself up. During naps, you can leave your baby without a diaper.
     To learn how to properly wrap your baby, watch the video. How to swaddle a baby: video with step-by-step instructions from a specialist.

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